MBJ Solutions GmbH

MBJ Solutions GmbH

Jochim-Klindt-Straße 7, 22926, Ahrensburg
+49 40 4102778900
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Volker Biemann

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MBJ Solutions GmbH specializes in the development and sales of test and measurement systems for the PV industry. MBJ offers sun simulators, electroluminescence test systems and test systems for insulation and ground testing for the solar module production.
The company was founded in 2009 and has since sold more than 400 test systems worldwide. The headquarters of the MBJ Group is in Hamburg.

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Tipos de Equipamiento
Equipos de Producción de Células: Inspectora Visiva de las Celas
Equipos de Producción para Paneles Cristalino: Simulador Solar para Paneles, EL Tester, Insulation Resistance & Withstanding Voltage Tester
Equipos de Producción de Paneles de Capa Fina: Sistema Inspección de Capa Fina, Simulatore Solare para Capa Fina


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