Aeko Echoe S.L.

Aeko Echoe S.L.

29100 Málaga
+34 661 921370
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Detalles de la Actividad de la Empresa

Cobertura del Servicio
Austria, Bélgica, Bulgaría, Checa, Alemania, España, Francia, Reino Unido, Grecia, Italia, Lituania, Holanda, Romanía, Portugal, Polonia
Idiomas hablados
Inglés, Español, Francés

Descripción de la Empresa

AEKO ECHOE S.L. is the Spanish based company offering specialist service of distribution of photovoltaic inverters and modules for European PV professionals.

We have established numerous business relationships all over Europe in many countries, such as : Spain, France, UK, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Czech Republic, Poland, Lithuania, Austria, Italy, Greece, etc. Our staff has more than 10 years of experience in the PV business.

We are an independent distribution company that offer a wide range of high quality products at competitive prices. We distribute mainly in Europe, and also all over the world, high quality products for the photovoltaic market.
Úlima Actualización
13 jun. 2019