Hangzhou DG Technology Co., Ltd.

Hangzhou DG Technology Co., Ltd.

Guanghui Industry District, Taihuyuan, Lin\'an, Hangzhou, Zhejiang
+86 13656695525
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Yudi Lang
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Xin Wang

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Hangzhou Dongguang Technology Co,. Ltd was founded in 1984. As the one of the most developed company in ZheJiang Province, we recruited over 10 engineers specializing in PVC-U product research & development. We introduced Siemens technology to our production line in 2007.

In order to help our customers cut production cost, our EVA production line equipment has adopted the most advanced non-frame technology.

We are looking forward to a win-win cooperation from domestic & international partners.

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EVA para Paneles Solares

  • 0.892 / m2
    DG-909 Anti-PID
    Curado Ultra-Rápido
  • 0.879 / m2
    DG-707 Normal
    Curado Estándar
  • 0.886 / m2
    DG-808 High Tr...
    Curado Ultra-Rápido
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3 abr. 2018