Cheric Energy

Cheric Energy

15 Wally Hayward Drive, Ashburton, Pietermartizburg, Kwazulu Natal
+27 72 3048181
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Eric Stratford

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Cheric Energy (Pty) Ltd

Pietermaritzburg, KwaZulu-Natal

Off-Grid and Standby Power Solutions with Solar Energy, Biogas Energy, Wood Gas Energy, Lithium Batteries and Solar - Electric GeysersQuietly Turning Darkness into Light, keeping carbon emissions at the absolute minimum

Cheric Energy is making a difference in peoples lives, not only financially but environmentally too. We consult, supply, install and commission small to large projects providing off-grid and standby power solutions.

Cheric Energy are accredited distributors for Microcare components and the chosen 'trouble-shooter' for the whole of KwaZulu-Natal for Microcare. We are also accredited Solar Electric Geysers installers for GeyserWise. Our reviews can be found on our FaceBook page and Google maps.
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21 jun. 2019