Guangzhou Gamatong Electric Co., Ltd.

Guangzhou Gamatong Electric Co., Ltd.

No. 21 Xiushuitang Road, Renhe Town, Baiyun District, Guangzhou, Guangdong
+86 20 87064286
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We are manufacturing modified sine wave power inverter , pure sine wave power inverter, battery charger, inverter with charger, solar charge controller . Also, we deal with some other low voltage electric appliances and power supply products. We accept OEM and small trial orders, contact us now for more information.



  • IP2000B-48
    1~10 kW Aislado
  • IP48C
    0.35~0.9 kW Aislado
  • IP48S
    2~4 kW Aislado
  • THA
    400~6000 kW Aislado
  • IP2000D-220
    2 kW Aislado
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27 jun. 2019