5th Annual Power Tech Africa

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Energía Renovable
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1 feb. 2021
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2 feb. 2021
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With the growth in urban population, there is a rapid growth in energy demand for industrial production, cooling and mobility in Africa. Access to clean energy is the key to the development of Africa at par with the global development. For a secure and sustainable energy future, renewable sources are the answer. The cost competitiveness, the availability of resources and the fast time to market of green technologies can contribute to the spread of sustainable energy in Africa.

Despite progress in several countries e.g., Kenya, Ethiopia, Ghana, Senegal and Rwanda, current and planned efforts to provide access to modern energy services barely outpace population growth. In 2030, 530 million people still lack access to electricity and nearly one billion people lack access to clean cooking. As a result, the global population without access to energy becomes increasingly concentrated with 90% without access to electricity and almost 50% without access to clean cooking in 2040 living on the African continent

The wide gap between production and transmission-distribution is also a major hurdle as far as access to the people in general is concerned.

Ethiopia is currently heavily reliant on hydropower; plans to increase capacity to 13.5 GW by 2040 would make Ethiopia the second-largest hydro producer in Africa. The target is to increase generating capacity by 25 000 MW by 2030: 22000 MW of hydro; 1 000 MW of geothermal; and 2 000 MW of wind by 2030.

A new research on the integration of Variable Renewable Energy Sources (VRES) in the National Electric System of Ethiopia shows that it can accommodate up to 3.6 GW of wind capacity and as much as 5.3 GW of solar PV capacity by 2030.

With more than 60 million habitants still without electricity, Ethiopia’s growth in renewable capacity will strongly support the country’s electricity access efforts.

National Electrification Program (2017): 100% electrification in 2025, with 35% off-grid and 65% grid, while extending the grid to reach 96% grid connections by 2030.

With this insight and the ensuing opportunities in the East African region, Bricsa Consulting is organising its 5th Annual PowerTech Africa, a 2 day exclusive closed-door gathering of senior renewable practitioners from both public and private sectors across the world on 1st – 2nd February, 2021. After successfully executing the conference for the last 4 years in Nairobi, Kenya, we wanted to bring the regional perspective into picture and Addis Ababa might well serve the purpose.


● Identifying the potential of renewable sources in the Sub-Saharan Africa Regions - Wind, Solar, Hydropower, Geothermal & Gas-based power
● Implementation of Smart Grid / Off-Grid technology projects using renewable energy for a better and reliable power transmission
● Sources of capitalizing renewable power projects & exploring Foreign Direct Investment policies for better project implementation
● Hybrid Energy System: Spurting opportunities for the energy market in Africa.
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